Terms and conditions for sale of goods


The Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, the Seller and the Buyer.
Seller here means company NOOS di SARA LANZI SRL, via Leonardo da Vinci 70, 06121 Perugia, Italy. Buyer means the corporate entity, firm or person buying the products from Seller.


The Buyer shall provide the Seller with the final quantity requested for delivery no more than 5 days after showroom appointment date.


Payment conditions are as follows, unless both parties agree otherwise:

3.1.1 For new clients deposit (30% of Price) to be paid within 8 days of receiving Pro-forma Invoice, Balance (70% of Price) to be paid before shipping. The Deposit shall be paid within eight (8) Business Days of receiving the Pro- forma Invoice. The Balance shall be paid within seven (7) Business Days of receiving notice In Writing from the Seller that the Products are ready for delivery.
3.2 It is the Buyer’s obligation to check and confirm In Writing that the specifications (styles, colors, sizes, quantities, company details, billing and shipping addresses) set out in the Pro-forma Invoice are accurate and true before paying the Deposit to the Seller. Any amendments to the Order that are required by the Buyer must be immediately communicated to the Seller In Writing.


4.1 The Seller shall ensure that each delivery of the Products is accompanied by a Packing List and Pro-forma Invoice. The Buyer shall make clear all delivery instructions to the Seller when Buyer confirms the Pro-forma Invoice.
4.2 Terms of delivery are Ex-Works (EXW) only.


The Buyer shall inspect the Products immediately upon receipt, and within five (5) Business Days after delivery; the Buyer must give notice In Writing to the Seller for incomplete or erroneous deliveries and/or of any issue with the condition, quality or grade of the Product(s). The Buyer must specify the basis of the claim in detail and include clear images of the damaged Product(s).


6.1 For Offline Buyer with online platforms, distribution online shall have been discussed with the Seller in the Seller’s showroom and agreed by both parties in the Seller’s showroom.
6.2 Offline Buyer shall inform the Seller, and receive authorization In Writing from the Seller before distributing Products online should they commence their online platform only after the showroom appointment
6.3 Buyer has the obligation to respect the suggested RRP (Recommended retail prices) even if selling through a third party (ex. www.farfetch.com)

6.4 Buyer must respect mark-down policy and start mark-down of 30% to a maximum of 60%. It is needed to inform the Seller about the start of mark-down date.


All sales taxes, tariffs, and other governmental charges shall be paid by the Buyer and are Buyer’s except as limited by the law.


These Terms and Conditions and the Contract shall be governed by the laws of the Country of Italy.
Any disputes brought against the Seller hereunder will be heard in the appropriate federal and state courts located in Perugia, Italy.

I have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods as set out by NOOS di SARA LANZI SRL. I hereby expressly state and declare to accept and abide by the provisions of all clauses of this Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods.

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